Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remembering Susan Prnjak

Susan with puppy

Susan Prnjak became our Human Resources Director in 2008 after having served on our HR team for more than five years. She was known for her love of dogs, her faith in our mission, her sometimes raucous sense of humor and her affection for the people on our team.

A mountain biking accident on November 12, 2011, left her in a coma. Although she received quality care and was surrounded by her friends, family and co-workers, she never recovered. Last night at 8:22 p.m., Susan passed away.

While we will grieve her death and the loss of her friendship, enthusiasm, wisdom and laughter, we are thankful that she is now at peace. Guide Dogs for the Blind is richer for Susan's having shared a part of her life with us. Her laugh, compassion, honesty, and love for a certain black Lab named Moose will always be with us.

At Guide Dogs for the Blind, January 3 will forever be remembered as Susan Prnjak Day.