Friday, May 15, 2015

Carnation Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that I bring you the news that my sweet Angel Carnation crossed the Rainbow Bridge Thursday Afternoon on April 23, 2015.  She lived a long and happy life and had just passed her fourteenth and one half birthday on Saturday April 18th.  She was happy and alert till the end and I was with her and she knew I was with her, and that it was OK for her to leave; I would be fine as long as she continues to watch over me. I know she is watching and I am happy she is no longer suffering or in pain and can run free, play keep away, and see all of her human and doggie friends who have waited for her.

The past month has been horrible as we learned from an ultrasound that she had a tumor in her liver. I opted not to have a biopsy or any further treatment as it would only give a little more time and we wanted her to enjoy the time left.  So, she got to eat whatever she wanted, go for walks when she wanted to, go for rides in the car, and stay in the yard enjoying the fresh air and flowers. She totally controlled her destiny to the end including deciding when it was time to do things or what she would eat or drink and when. We humans were sometimes frustrated, but she was totally in charge.

Roxanne (wearing a purple jacket) poses with Carnation (yellow Lab) in a studio portrait.

Princess Carnation was my first guide dog. We met later in my life and she gave me freedom and confidence that I had never known while using a white cane; I was able to go places alone where I would have never gone using a cane.  I could go anywhere with Carnation by my side and was never afraid. My Zaga took her place when retirement came for Carnation after nine long years of work. Carnation was jealous because she didn’t want anyone else to do her job, but eventually, she settled into her new lifestyle and enjoyed four years with other people and dogs who became her family too. She was alert and happy and lived life to the fullest and never gave up her professional duties of being a guide dog. She could still leash guide after all those years and was happy to do it.

My sweet Carnation, rest in peace and enjoy the love and contentment you have earned. We will meet again, so wait for me. We have so many wonderful memories of things we did together and I will never forget a minute of our times together. Watch over me and Zaga too, because we are all together and will never lose sight of each other.

Roxanne and Zaga