Monday, March 28, 2011

Remembering Chaya and Adagio

by Marla Burns

I am a long time Guide Dog user. My first guide was Adagio. She was with me for about nine years. Then, I got Chaya, who was only with me for a short time. Adagio and Chaya were so funny! Chaya did her little dance first thing in the morning to wake me up with her small barking and moaning and her love of bananas. I would call her "Banana Anna." Adagio was just as bad as Chaya, with her little dances also and her milk bone face looks. Beloved Guide Dogs. We will truly miss them.

Chaya 12/28/2006-3/15/2011; Adagio 5/24/1997-12/14/2007

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