Friday, February 10, 2012

Remembering Jojo

On Friday, December 16, my guide dog Jojo was taken by her angels into paradise. With her as my guide, we traveled to many interesting places. She was my guide, companion, and my best friend. I miss her very, very much.

I would like to extend a warm thank you to the puppy raisers who lovingly and diligently prepare puppies to be good citizens. Jojo was my third guide dog. Each one of them was admired about their behavior, intelligence and loving attitude. I dedicate this poem to you:

You were sent to me from heaven
You’re an angel sent from God
You were sent to guide my footsteps
And to fill my heart with love
You’re a guide dog by all measure
You’re the star that lights my way
You lead with such great pleasure
As we travel day by day
One day the angels called you
Far beyond the setting sun
Where you live in peaceful splendor
Your life has just begun

Most Sincerely,

Sally Dodge
Belchertown, MA

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