Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Dear Beamer

By: David G. Carlson

You let us down
You were supposed to live forever
After so many years of dedicated service to us
how could you just leave?

It's so hard to imagine what you thought all the years
that you led Dad from one place to another
You made it seem like a game, like a romp in the park
and all that time you were helping him be independent

You had no idea how important you were
and how you gave us such unbridled joy
You willingly gave up the lead to a younger guy
and you happily became a life partner to your Mom

How can we express to you in a few hours and minutes
all the outpourings of love and awe?
How can we possibly give back to you a fraction of what you gave to us
and all in the name of simple loyalty?

My dear Beamer, my partner my left arm
go now to where you can rest and be away from any pain
Just remember that we were always at your side,
and were your most admiring companions.

In Memoriam
8/4/2002 - 8/4/2013

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