Friday, October 4, 2013

Angel Dog

I, Becky a yellow Lab Guide dog went to doggy heaven on April 1st 2013 and my friend Kit buried me on June 2nd 2013 in her back yard between the apple and the Asian pear trees. I rest in peace here and I bless my family in the house.

I had 14 years of a happy life. I was not just Kit’s guide dog. I was her partner, her special friend.  We had walked more than a million miles together in our life. Financial district, busy street crossings, traffic checking, looking for doorways going in and out, strolling around street fairs, playing snow balls, visiting parks, and being treated like a princess, are things of the past!

Monday early morning April 1st 2013, Kit walked into the room to find me lying on the floor motionless. She rushed me to the vet at 9:00 AM while crying. Kit told John to spread a blanket on the floor for me. The vet suggested putting me to sleep based on my prognosis. She tried to hang on to me for a few more hours by asking the vet to give me an IV. After 3:00 PM, She pet me for the last good bye and let the vet put me down. Her tears ran down like rain. I knew she had an urge to scream "Becky, Becky don’t go." However, she wanted me to have a peaceful departure and she suppressed her emotions. I heard beautiful soft music and I saw a group of angels came to lead me into heaven. "Good bye Kit, my dearest friend, good bye world. I’m going to another new life."

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  1. I know it's been over a year since Becky left you. I found this post while looking for comfort - any comfort - now that my Tessie is gone. She's been gone for five months already, but tonight is a bad night for me. Anyway, I'm posting this as a virtual hug; your eulogy made me cry - for your Becky, for my Tessie, for all the dogs who have left grieving people behind. I hope your grief is less raw tonight.